Sharp blades Weekly

Graphic Lawns takes extreme measures to provide each and every customer with sharp blades every week. This is one of the most  important aspects of lawn care  because sharp blades give a clean, accurate cut across the tip of the grass blade. Dull blades beat up the tips of the grass blades.


A dull set of blades will also leave clumps of grass & stragglers behind such as Dandelion stems. That is the last thing that you or we want. Graphic Lawns is determined to be the service that finishes the job thoroughly and properly. Dull blades will not ever provide that for you. Dull blades will only leave your grass tips destroyed.

You wouldn’t let your hair stylist use a dull, rusted up pair of scissors! Well we feel that any lawn care provider should be held to the same standard when it comes to their blades.



We’re proud of our dedicated Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener. It is one of our best investments by far. But most of all, we are pleased by what it can do for you. It gets the blade edge back to its original angle fast & accurately. This saves me $. In return I am able to pass that savings back to you by keeping maintenance costs to a standard.

Our Bradley is your Bradley

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