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Graphic Lawns landscape & mowing services diligently offers the finest

lawn Mowing & Property Maintenance

in Marshfield, Rogersville and Springfield Missouri



Gumball debris Removal 

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Leaf Cleanups



 Overgrowth Removal & Spring/Fall Cleanup



In addition to 

Raised Beds 

construction of & maintenance


Are you in need of a Raised Bed for your Veggies? Are you tired of tilling the ground, kicking up rocks & then finding weeds in your garden? Then let us custom build you a Raised Bed! Raised Beds are the way of the future in vegetable gardening. We’ll build the boxes, fill them with quality soil & setup a sturdy set of tomato stakes. Graphic Lawns will thoroughly till it up in the spring for you & prepare it for your next lineup of crop or plant the veggies of your choice as well. Graphic Lawns will also be more than happy to paint or stain the outer wood surfaces to provide protection from the elements.

Storm Cleanup

Pressure Washing

Mulch & Flower Bed installation

Hedge & Shrub Pruning 

Shrub Pruning starts at $10 per shrub unless you are setup on a monthly full service plan. This really is a great way to go. You pay a little bit more per week than you would with Standard Weekly Maintenance, but paid on a monthly basis. At that point, that covers everything for the future. So your bushes & shrubs are taken care of as needed. You get your flower beds maintained & mulch added if necessary. Low hanging branches are nipped off when the start getting low. Of course your lawn gets a gorgeous cut & trim & You never have to worry about leaves. The lawn is fully taken care of and there’s no additional charges on the bill.

Aeration, Overseeding & Fertilization.

 Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.  Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf, or the soil.

Wood Decks           

Graphic Lawns offers a wide range of options for your deck. This could be as simple as repairs to the  decking or guard rails. It could be a pressure washing followed by a fresh coat of stain or as far as a tear down & rebuild.

Garage Door Installation

Some household Electrical

Graphic Lawns will gladly replace your worn out Ceiling fan as well as your Security light. Replace those old kitchen plug-in’s with GFI’s and while you’re at it, have us install your Smoke Detectors as well.

Household Plumbing

With a vast background in rental property maintenance, iv developed near to complete experience in residential plumbing & sanitary sewer.
This means Graphic Lawns can also replace your sink, it’s fixture or fix it’s leak.
The same goes for your toilet.
There’s no shame in an ugly Oval Throne.

Replace it!
In Missouri due to our cold climates, we all have to cover up our outdoor water spigots.
Stop doing that!
Have Graphic Lawns install a Freeze-Proof water spigot in the front & back and quit worrying about it!
Graphic Lawns can even replace your rusted out galvanized water lines with Pex or PVC and we’re glad to give you a free estimate.

Rural Mailbox & Post replacement 

Dryer vent cleaning 

Gutter & Downspout cleaning or Replacement

Wood Fences  


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